Who We Are

CTS Substrate & Flooring is an independent commercial floor contractor specializing in seamless, polymer flooring systems utilizing the most trusted brands in the industry. From testing to consultation and complete installation services, CTS is your premiere source of non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly flooring systems, offering turnkey installations using only in-house personnel. In addition, CTS also provides concrete and sub-floor preparation through floor leveling, floor preparation, moisture testing, and moisture mitigation services by certified and highly qualified professionals. Many of the products we use qualify for LEED points.

We rely on our extensive field experience, product knowledge, and management expertise to support and anticipate client needs. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service and craftsmanship for all of your seamless, substrate and concrete slab requirements. CTS Substrate & Flooring is also known as Concrete Testing & Services, LLC.

What We Do

Epoxy/Resinous Flooring

As a leader and an expert in the specialty flooring industry, CTS Substrate & Flooring has been installing resinous flooring surfaces for the area’s leading general contractors across a wide range of demanding projects, including hospitals, commercial kitchens, retail and industrial projects. We enjoy partnerships with the best manufacturers of specialty resin flooring in the industry including Sherwin-Williams, Dur-A-Flex, Flowcrete, Sika, and Stonhard.

Resinous flooring from CTS consists of applying a base of resinous material to concrete, creating a smooth, non-porous flooring surface. Used in new construction as well as remodeling projects in healthcare, commercial and industrial facilities, resinous flooring is cost-effective, durable, meets a variety of safety and overall performance standards as well as aesthetic design goals.

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Hydraulic Cement/Floor Leveling

Frequently during renovation projects, contractors find floors that are pitted, cracked and uneven. Working with the leading manufacturers like Ardex, Mapei, USG, Sika, Uzin, Pro Spec, Schonox, and Rapid Set, CTS Substrate & Flooring has extensive experience providing solutions to floor flatness problems in concrete slab construction with a wide range of self-leveling products. CTS is experienced with many degrees of levelness or flatness specifications, ranging from a basic flat and smooth specification to nearly level such as ASTM FL-50 or higher tolerances.

CTS utilizes advanced technology with leveling devices, pumps, and lasers to provide consistent surfaces for any size project from back of the house areas to entire buildings exceeding 100,000 SF.  CTS is a one-stop shop for developers, general contractors and facility managers looking for the highest quality flooring and substrates while adhering to budgets and installation timelines

CTS is one of the largest installers of lightweight cementitious self-leveling compounds in the Mid-Atlantic region with extensive experience interacting with architects and structural engineers in meeting strict weight restrictions while delivering a smooth and flat floor that meets all tolerances for flatness, especially critical in historical preservation renovation projects.

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Moisture Mitigation

Moisture is the most common cause of flooring failures. Industry sources estimate that over $1 billion of floor coverings fail annually in the United States due to moisture related problems. Costs to correct these failures can be enormous, especially in cases of large projects where tenant relocation is necessary

CTS Substrate & Flooring installs several systems of moisture-retarding acrylic or specialized epoxy coatings which slow moisture emission from the slab and help isolate the applied flooring material from the pH-raising effects of soluble alkalis in the concrete. The real advantage to using CTS for moisture mitigation is our floor leveling capabilities.

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Decorative Concrete

CTS Substrate & Flooring provides comprehensive experience in creating unique customized designer concrete floors and exterior concrete surfaces. Concrete floors offer many benefits such as, environmentally friendly, long lasting surface, cost-saving benefits with a unique look that are second to none.

With extensive experience in designer concrete toppings and concrete staining, CTS works closely with project owners, architects and designers to deliver the desired appearance for flooring

CTS can offer a wide range of colors and textures, including integrated dyes or topical staining, depending on the desire look. We can install a designer topping ranging in thickness from a feather edge up to a desired thickness. In addition, concrete floors are very low maintenance – often requiring just a dusting or a wet mop periodically.

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